I heard about Carrie through a friend of a friend and decided to use her for my sister’s baby shower. I have to say that my sister’s one request for her shower was a great cake, and boy did Carrie deliver. My sister was not only impressed by how cute the cake was, but the entire party was wowed by how incredibly delicious it was! We went with the white cake + cookies and cream, and it was by far the BEST cake I have ever had …so incredibly moist and tasty, and the icing and cream filling were to die for! Will definitely use Carrie again, hopefully sooner than later!


My Family & I have been ordering from Carrie Made the Cake for all of our occasions (big & small) for over 5 years! Carrie WOWS us every time with her mouthwatering, scrumptious, perfectly decorated cakes! We recommend her to everyone & we haven't had any disappointments! We've tried other big names in Houston but no other bakeries compare! P.S. The cookies n cream is beyond amazing-a family favorite!


"Just want to let you know your cake was a big hit on Friday. The girls all loved the brats design. Bratz are the coolest thing going right now, you know. Everyone's eyes lit up when they saw that dazzling rainbow interior...I heard you say rainbow cake when you were here, I sort of listened as I'm prone to do, but when I saw it, I could not believe my eyes!"


"I just wanted to let you know the cake was fantastic. I caught my son bragging to a friend yesterday about how good his cake was to his friends. You did a great job!!"


"Your cake was a big hit...there were lots of ooohs and aaahs when I delivered it. In the last email it was dubbed a 'crowd pleaser'."


"Carrie's cakes are some of the best cakes I have ever had. I love her cake designs and she can pretty much design any kind of cake you request. My favorite is the cupcake cake. I love cupcakes and hers are so good!!! I highly recommend her!!"


"There are cakes and then there are masterpieces. If you are looking for an ordinary delicacy..go elsewhere. If you are looking for a rainforest of subtle flavors..call Carrie Made the Cake. She takes traditional desserts and evolves the flavors beyond the norm. If you are going to eat dessert, make it a Carrie masterpiece."

John B.

"I have been fortunate to be the participant of many Carrie Made the Cake creations and they all have been wonderful. From our monthly office birthday cakes to wedding and groom's cakes to baby showers, Carrie's creativity for cake designs (artwork and shape) is as good as I've seen. And, of course, the best part is how delicious they all are! The Oreo and carrot cakes are two favorites around our office and in my opinion the Italian Cream Cake is as good as I've ever had! Bargain prices for the quality of cakes delivered."


Carrie's cakes not only look incredible, but they taste incredible too-something you don't always find! She is so creative with decorating, you can just give her a general idea and she creates a masterpiece. In addition, her other desserts are delicious and are perfect for office parties, cocktail parties, and events. I can't get enough of her desserts!!


"A friend of yours recommended you to us, as I did not want to do any holiday baking this Thanksgiving. We ordered a beautiful carrot cake, that tasted just as good as it looked. My neighbors, family and friends could not get enough of this cake. As I had to hide at least three slices of it for myself, as it was all gone at the end of the day. And on top of that, the three slices that I had hidden were eaten by my wife and daughters. But who could blame them, it was fantastic. Thank you Carrie, you have a customer for life."

Troy and Judith Smith

"Thanks SO much for the wonderful German chocolate you made for Dwain's birthday! We all loved it and ate ourselves silly with it! It was wonderfully moist and rich and choco-lish. You did a great job! We will be calling to order another cake as soon as we can think up an excuse. Hmmm . . . . the football playoffs are starting soon. I wonder . . . . :D Seriously, thank you very much for a great cake. You are our new best friend and cake baker extraordinaire."


"Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the AWESOME job you did on those cakes. They were the most photographed thing at the party! Everyone (even my dad) was impressed with the way the badge and shield came out and I told them that you MADE it out of the icing and it was even more 'wow'."

"Of course, they tasted great and by the end of the night, I had given out your website address to about 12 or 13 people, the DJ and caterers included."

"So thanks again for the hard work you put into this, and I look forward to the next occasion I can use as an excuse to order a cake from you!"


"Just wanted to let you know that your cheesecakes were a huge hit!!! Utterly delicious."


"Thank you so much for Nick's birthday cake. it was FABULOUS!! You did such an amazing job with the decorating and the cake itself was delicious. The parents at the party said it was the best cake they've ever had!"


"Thank you so much Carrie!! The cakes were fabulous and a big hit. We will keep you in mind for any other events that might come up."


"I wanted to thank you for the cake you made for my twins' first birthday. It was absolutely beautiful! We were so pleased with the design and colors which really blended well with the theme of the party & it was obvious how much time and attention was put into that wonderful creation! T he Italian cake with nuts (thanks for that suggestion) was a great choice. It was absolutely delicious - our guests loved it and so did we!"


"I just wanted to thank you for the baby shower cake you made. It was fantastic! Everyone ooh'd and aaah'd over it! And it was delicious! Every single person said it was the best cake they've ever eaten! It was just beautiful, too! Simple and elegant. Thank you SO much!"