I started with pancakes, (very young) and followed by presenting "Magic Cooking Shows" (don't ask, video was new!).  My college years found me making dinner for roommates and friends.  On graduation, with my psychology degree in hand and the "what did I want to do with the rest of my life" question looming over me, I enrolled in the Culinary Arts department at the Art Institute of Houston where in time I was called upon to intern in a bakery.  It was then I knew cakes were my future.

I like the organization, the art, and the smell of baking cakes! Cakes bring back memories of family gatherings, moments with friends, every day celebrations, and most importantly, time spent eating cake.

Oh, how I do love cake!

Culinary Education
Art Institute of Houston, Culinary Diploma 2003
Institute of Culinary Education, NYC, Toba Garret's cake decorating and wedding cake workshop.
Work Experience
Worked in several popular Houston bakeries
Decorated for The Pink Poodle Gourmet, a dog biscuit company, decorating for discerning dogs!
On my own
Founded Carrie Made The Cake in 2004